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Callan Services National Unit (CSNU) has entered into a partnership with Mary MacKillop Today (MMT) to deliver disability inclusion services in its selected Inclusive Education Resource Centres (IERCs) in the country. Initial work started in Vanimo IERC two years ago and MMT is looking at expanding its support to at least four other IERCs starting with Aitape IERC. 

MMT is a faith-based non-profit organization in North Sydney, Australia, the new flagship ministry of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred, in the spirit of Sr Mary MacKillop, Australia's first saint.

Two of its senior executive officers in photo above with Br Kevin Ryan in the middle were in the country to hold discussions with the CSNU Management about partnership requirements among other important issues.


Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Class

Photo above taken at Callan Inclusive Education Resource Centre (IERC) in Kavieng. Norah Riddick ®, a Physiothera-pist & Rehabilitation Officer (USA) Volunteer Services Abroad is reading a story to little children with disabilities. The children with different types of disabilities are in an early childhood class.


Alice Embe

Child Protection Manager feedback on the work on child protection...........

Sylvia Yawingu

Inclusive Education Lecturer first hand expereince on the trainings conducted for Special Education Courses........

Jane Saun.

Callan clinical service and National Trainer of Ear and Hearing highlight her encounters on numerous field experiences.......

Sr Anecita Cabangbang

Co ordinator for Alotau IERC.

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