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ERMO names Benson Hahambu as new CSNU Director 

Port Moresby, PNG, Media Release: May 26, 2020. For Immediate Release

The Network of Callan Services for Persons with Disabilities National Unit (CSNU) today announced that the Board of Edmund Rice Ministries Oceania in partnership with the Oceania Leadership Team of the Christian Brothers (OLT), after an extended process of collaboration with the Board of CSNU has appointed Mr Benson Hahambu as the new Director of CSNU.

The announcement was officially made this month by Board Chair of Edmund Rice Ministries Oceania (ERMO), Helen Mahoney (OAM).

"It is with great pleasure that I write to you on behalf of the ERMO Board, the Oceania Leadership Team of the Christian Brothers and your own, CSNU Board to inform you of the appointment of Mr Benson Hahambu as the new Director of CSNU. I thank each of these entities for their involvement in the selection and appointment process."

Mrs Mahoney added that Benson is well known within the Network of Callan Services in Papua New Guinea. He has been in the position of Deputy Director of CSNU since September 2017. He also held the position of Acting Director for a short period in 2018. Benson comes with experience in both the public and private sector in the fields of education and development in PNG, as well as a postgraduate qualification in Developmental Studies. These are just some of the skills that Benson brings to the directorship.

"I wish Benson well in his new post as Director, and trust there will be time to show our deep gratitude to Br Kevin Ryan for his work with CSNU over many years," Mrs Mahoney said.

Mr Hahambu said he is very honoured to be offered this role after the joint decision by the CSNU Board, OLT and Edmund Rice Ministries Oceania (ERMO) Board.

"I thank God for the wisdom involved in the whole process of appointment and to all who directly or indirectly made it possible for me to take on this role. The organization is not new to me and having performed as the Deputy Director for over two years, I can utilize all lessons learned across various aspects of management to keep CSNU as a key provider of training and support to officers in inclusive education resource centres and other disability services, and to take the agency to greater heights. We will do this by working closely with all parties (the CSNU and ERMO Boards, all stakeholders in PNG and overseas funding partners, and everyone within The Network of Callan Services)."

"I sincerely thank Br Kevin for all the time and energy put into continuously shaping CSNU and the Network of Callan Services from what Br Graham Leach, the founding Director started in 1991, to what it is now. This work has included the transfer of necessary knowledge and skills to me and others, and I pledge my commitment to this ministry started off by the Christian Brothers."

Br Kevin said, 'I am delighted with the joint announcement by the ERMO Board, the OLT and CSNU Board. Benson will bring great knowledge, skills and values to the role of Director. He will bring great leadership experience to the role and a deep passion for the inclusion of persons with disabilities into all aspects of PNG life, in particular into education and related health services. He is well known in the appropriate Government Departments and also within other NGOs.'

Br Kevin will officially retire from CSNU on Friday 12th June 2020. Before that, there will be a transition time where the duties of the present director will gradually progress to Benson who will officially take up the post on Monday 8th June 2020.

CSNU is part of The Network of Callan Services for Persons with Disabilities. The Network is the largest provider of services to children and adults with disabilities in Papua New Guinea. It's a leading disability rights, advocacy and representative group of services of and for all people with disability in PNG.

The Network of services is facilitated and supported by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, Oceania Province (CBOP). The CBOP established the ERMO Board to manage all agencies (ministries) conducted by CBOP.

CBOP also established the Board for CSNU (as it has for all its agencies in New Zealand, The Philippines and Australia) and this Board will continue to work with the ERMO Board to make decisions for CSNU.


Photo Caption:

Pic 1: New CSNU Director Benson Hahambu (L) with outgoing CSNU Director Br Kevin Ryan (R) 

Callan Publications

Callan Services National Unit (CSNU) has entered into a partnership with Mary MacKillop Today (MMT) to deliver disability inclusion services in its selected Inclusive Education Resource Centres (IERCs) in the country. Initial work started in Vanimo IERC two years ago and MMT is looking at expanding its support to at least four other IERCs starting with Aitape IERC. 

MMT is a faith-based non-profit organization in North Sydney, Australia, the new flagship ministry of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred, in the spirit of Sr Mary MacKillop, Australia's first saint.

Two of its senior executive officers in photo above with Br Kevin Ryan in the middle were in the country to hold discussions with the CSNU Management about partnership requirements among other important issues.  Read more by clicking this link …..


Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Class

Photo above taken at Callan Inclusive Education Resource Centre (IERC) in Kavieng. Norah Riddick ®, a Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Officer (USA) Volunteer Services Abroad is reading a story to little children with disabilities. The children with different types of disabilities are in an early childhood class.


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