About Us

 Callan Services  for Disabled Persons is a Non Government Organization that was created by the Christian Brothers to provide services for those with special needs in PAPUA NEW GUINEA.


The vision of Callan is to create an inclusive society for PNG where people and especially children with disability live life to the full without discrimination and other forms of injustice.


Christian Brothers in collaboration with members of the Mercy Mission Society and religious and lay co-workers, and in partnership with the Catholic Dioceses, work through education and training,


  1. To empower mainstream (Church and Government) service-providers in education , health and pastoral care to provide quality services for children with disabilities within their services and for local dioceses and institutions to own projects which resource such services  for clients  with disabilities, their parents , careers and,
  2. To enable people with disabilities to establish their own self-help organization so that they can actualize their rightful place in society with equality and dignity.