Callan Services National Unit (CSNU) is a national coordinating and capacity building agency for all the 21 institutions in the Network of Callan Services working in collaboration with churches, non governments and development partners in strengthening the work of inclusive education and community  based rehabilition services in Papua New Guinea.

Within CSNU there is a Finance and Adminstration that is responsible for the daily requistion of funds for programs, payroll, audits and human resources and the daily business of the agency. A National Training Health Services (CNTS) that coordinates the trainings and workshops of high level training in eye and ear services, physiotherapy and child protection, conducts screening for collecting statistics of children with disabilities and adult persons with disabilities. CNTS also works with Inclusive Education Resource Centres (IERCs) to upgrade the skills and knowledge of community based rehabilitation officers in the local IERCs.  

Callan Studies National Institute (CSNI) is an independent education institution, however, it is part of CSNU. CSNI conducts training for mainstream teachers in applied diploma of special education and inclusive education. CSNI is currently developing and working with IERC officers developing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for each child with disability and monitors the progress of these IEPs from time to time to effectively ensure that children with disabilities are given adequate education just like ordinary and normal children who attain similar education in mainstream schools. 

Inclusive Education and Support Services (IESS). IESS leads a national project of health and education funded by the Light for the World and conducts the PNG sign language development as a fourth language in PNG that is now gazetted and promotes the education and health of children with disabilities. IESS works with hearing impaired persons in some parts of PNG in sign language development. IESS team work with identified schools through their target school programs to enhance the skills of children with hearing impairment and persons with hearing impairment so that the deaf community has a voice in PNG. 


Sustainability and Accountability (S and A) promotes the work of Callan Services by working with local boards of governors, government, churches and non government organisations. S and A also explores opportunities within PNG that are in dire need of services for persons with disabilities and negotiates with education agencies by the establishment of an inclusive education resource centre. S and A also supports the entire network by working with individual IERCs to support long term development. 


CSNU works mainly with donors, church agencies and the Government of Papua New Guinea to provide services to persons with disabilities.  If you click this link  CSNU  you will be able to get a summary of CSNU. 



CSNU staff members during a discussion about the challenges, successes and progresses during the Annual Conference of  Network that was held in Port Moresby from the 9th to 13th May, 2017.