Services we offer

- Free eye test & eye glass prescription

- Process & supply prescribed custom-made eye glasses for distance (in photochromic & clear lenses)

- Supply prescribed ready-made eye glasses for reading & distance (in photochromic & clear lenses)

- Process & supply prescribed custom made bifocal eye glasses (in photochromic & clear lenses)

- Supply photochromic lenses/glasses for photophobia (red, itchy and watery eyes) or light sensitivity

- Process & supply astigmatic eye glasses (in photochromic & clear lenses)

- Asses, process and supply low vision device (eye glass)

- Supply recommended sun glasses for Ultra Violet protection

-Supply eye glass accessories and;

-Repair of eye glasses.


Having complications with your sight?
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We offer our clients the opportunity to decide the type of eye glass they'd like to wear, also one that suit their fashion by selecting from a wide range of eye glass frames on our shelves.

We produce eye glasses depending on our clients choice and prefrences.