Callan Services National Unit (CSNU)

Many people and organizations are still confused with the work of Callan Services National Unit. In simple terms CSNU is a capacitating agency for all the 21 institutions in the Network of Callan Services.

There are five key sections within CSNU; Finance and Adminstration that takes care ofthe financial affairs of the Network and daily business of the agency, National Training Health Services that coordinates the trainings in eye and ear services, physiotherapy and others, Callan Studies Institute which conducts training for mainstream teachers in Applied Diploma of special education, PNG Sign Language Development and Sustainability and Accountability which seeks to advocate on the behalf of the Network. 

CSNU works mainly with donors, churches agencies and the Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) to provide services to persons with disabilities in PNG.  If you click this link  CSNU  you will be able to get a summary of CSNU. 


Callan Services National Unit staff members discussion about the challenges, successes and progresses during the Annual Conference of  Network that was held in Port Moresby from the 9th to 11th May, 2017.